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The Boldport Club is a community of people from all backgrounds and experiences, with a common appreciation for 'electronics craftsmanship'.

We hang out on our Discord server, and buy projects at the Club shop.

To become a life member of the Club simply make a £30 or more purchase at the shop!

See our previous projects and what the community has done with them.

Until January 2019 the Club was a subscription service. We then changed.

"As someone without any background in electronics or engineering, I was skeptical as to whether the Boldport Club would be fit for me. However, the stunning designs and the pleasure I get from building, documenting, using and even troubleshooting the projects together with other Club members soon made playing with electronics something I'm proud to call a hobby now!"

— @Lophification

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Our community is made of enthusiastic novices, experts and everything in between. We share a curiosity about electronics and a sense of discovery, and we'd like you to join us.